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Capstone Sales Performance, LLC | Memphis, TN

Uncover the secrets to impactful public speaking!

Discover the art of becoming an effective communicator in business and personal growth. 

Join Mike Montague and Grant Baldwin of The Speaker Lab as they unravel the essentials of powerful speaking techniques, from presentation preparation to landing speaking gigs.

They highlight the significance of engaging and resonating with the audience through an authentic, adaptable, and well-prepared presentation, emphasizing the importance of both structure and flexibility in successful public speaking.

Don't miss this insightful conversation offering valuable insights into the multifaceted benefits of public speaking! 

Key Topics & Timestamps

  • 00:00:17 - Speaking as a Business and Growing a Career in Public Speaking
  • 00:03:03 - Public Speaking as a Business Development Tool
  • 00:05:27 - Public Speaking Skills and Preparation
  • 00:10:55 - Developing Public Speaking Skills and Debunking Myths
  • 00:13:42 - Public Speaking Preparation and Scripting
  • 00:19:34 - Speaking Engagements and How to Land Paid Gigs
  • 00:22:30 - Finding and Acquiring Paid Speaking Gigs
  • 0:25:10 - Public Speaking Techniques and Tips
  • 00:30:16 - Storytelling and Connecting With Audiences Through Personal Experiences
  • 00:33:06 - Speaking, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Growth With Grant Baldwin

Key Takeaways

  • Effective public speaking necessitates balanced preparation between scripting for organization and an organic approach without verbatim memorization.
  • Adapting the content to audience needs and making real-time adjustments based on audience reactions are crucial for engagement and connection.
  • The "SPEAK" framework involves selecting a problem to solve, preparing the talk, establishing expertise, acquiring speaking gigs, and understanding when to scale.
  • Clear goals drive the call-to-action at the end of speeches, whether aimed at obtaining more speaking opportunities or generating clients.
  • Authenticity is key for speakers, encouraging them to be themselves while balancing structure and spontaneity in speech preparation and delivery.
  • Having a structured speech with strong openings, key moments in the middle, and compelling closings aids in time management and allows for adjustments during the speech.



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