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Capstone Sales Performance, LLC | Memphis, TN

Change Your Behavior, Change Your Results

Thank You Notes to Prospects

There are two ways to go about it- the Sandler way or the wrong way. Your prospect's behavior is completely dependent upon you. Don't accept unlimited access to voicemail, being ghosted, or just not knowing what the next step is.

Is Servant Leadership Out of Reach?

Dig deep into your potential to ACT as a Servant Leader!  It's right in front of you!!

Public Servants are by nature Servant Leaders.  What is the possibility that the practice of acting as a servant leader in your business is easier to attain and make consistent?  What can we all learn from Public Servants?  

Don't Squirrel Out!

Don't squirrel out on your prospects.  If a next step in your selling process is needed, get the commitment from the prospect for the date and time it should happen. 

Leadership 101: Who Brought the Oar?

Without a definitive vision and mission, your employees don't know why they do what they do, but they do show up for a paycheck!

Cold Calls Don't Work!

3 More Calls

When it get's close to the end of the day, don't pack it up and leave early. Make 3 more calls or connect with three more people. It could be the difference between making your month and not making your month! Leave Nothing!

Working Through the Unexpected

Comparison is Robbing You

Modern Chaos

What is your chaos?

Utilize Why Clients Buy From You to Gain More Sales!

Find out why clients use your product or service by asking them what problems you solve. Then pick up the phone, call prospects you don't know, and share with them the reasons your customers buy from you. Find out if those prospects can relate to those issues. Prospects can relate to problems much faster than they can relate to features and benefits.

Gambling on your business?

It may seem fun, but it can be a major problem!

Up "Should" Creek Without a Paddle?

What if the person you became in life meets the person you COULD have become?

What's Your Destination?

Does the vision for the destination in your business create as much excitement as the vision for the destination for your vacation?

Step Away From The Desk

Sometimes you have to take a break from working IN your business so that you can get out of the box and focus ON your business.

Are You Tapping Into All of Your Available Opportunities?

Memphis is a big city, make sure you are getting in front of as many opportunities as you can! 

Pick Up A Brick

Grain by Grain a loaf, brick by brick a castle - George Bernard Shaw

Leading Change

Just because 2020 hit us right between the eyes does NOT mean we can't continue to grow and change.

Resolutions Not Sticking?

If you struggle year after year to stay on track with the New Years Resolutions you set, maybe it's time to take a different approach and visualize what you are truly working to accomplish.

Can Your Market Receive You?

Now is not the time to keep doing what you've always done. When the market changes do you really think you can sit by and do nothing?

Behavior Drives Your Belief System

Get Unstuck! The actions we push ourselves to take to implement the skills we learn increases our results, creating a stronger belief system to drive for continued success.