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“Explain It Like I’m Five!”

Did you know you can tell ChatGPT, the reigning large-language-model AI resource, to radically simplify any written content… by issuing the command “ELI5”?

You can. The prompt stands for "Explain It Like I’m Five", and it’s a great resource for salespeople. We’re often faced with the challenge of making complex or unfamiliar material comprehensible to prospective buyers, without losing the essence of the original message. This, as it turns out, is something that today’s breathtaking information technology is pretty good at. You can even simplify the simplification by using the prompt “ELI5 further.”

Not long ago, I tested this by asking ChatGPT a series of questions about our company, Sandler. Here’s what came back.

Tell me about Sandler Training.

ChatGPT: Sandler Training is a world leader in innovative sales, leadership, and management training. It was founded in 1967 by David H. Sandler, a sales consultant and motivational speaker. For over 50 years, it has been a leader in the industry, serving businesses of all sizes with short- and long-term developmental programs that offer continuous coaching, reinforcement, and support for sales professionals.

The company's philosophy is based on the concept of "reinforcement training" — the idea that skills are best developed and sustained over time through ongoing coaching and reinforcement, rather than being learned in a one-off seminar or workshop. Sandler's methodology encourages an ongoing cycle of learning, application, review, and improvement.

The Sandler Selling System, their proprietary sales training method, differs from traditional sales techniques by focusing on both the buyer's and seller's human nature, their decision-making processes, and the communication that occurs between the two. Instead of the standard "Always Be Closing" approach, the Sandler system teaches salespeople to guide prospects to discover their own needs, and then decide on their own that your solution fits those needs.

Some of their training programs include:

  • Sales Training: Teaching salespeople to better identify, qualify, and close high-quality opportunities.
  • Management and Leadership Training: Providing managers with the behaviors, attitudes, and techniques needed to become more effective leaders.
  • Customer Service Training: Helping employees understand customer psychology and improve customer retention.
  • Negotiation Training: Offering tactics to reach mutually beneficial agreements that result in stronger, longer-term relationships.
  • Enterprise Selling: Helping companies win, grow, and retain large, complex accounts.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Sandler Training has a global presence with over 250 offices and is utilized by thousands of organizations in many different industries. For the most recent information, I would recommend visiting the Sandler Training website or contacting them directly.  


ChatGPT: Sure, here's a simpler explanation:

Sandler Training is a company that teaches people how to be better at selling things, managing others, and dealing with customers. It was started by a man named David Sandler more than 50 years ago.

Instead of teaching people to sell by always trying to close a deal, Sandler Training teaches people to help customers understand what they need and why the thing being sold is a good fit for those needs. This way, the customer decides for themselves that they want to buy it.

They also teach managers how to be good leaders and how to better understand and serve customers. Plus, they help people learn how to make deals where everyone wins and feels happy.

They do this through programs that keep teaching and helping people over time, not just in a one-time class. This is because they believe skills get better when you keep practicing and learning.

Sandler Training has offices all over the world and helps many different kinds of businesses.  

ELI5 further.

ChatGPT: Alright, let's simplify this even more:

Sandler Training is like a school for people who sell things and for bosses who manage people. It was started by a man named David Sandler a long time ago.

Instead of telling salespeople to always push for a sale, they teach them to help customers figure out what they need. Then, the customer can decide if what's being sold is what they really want.

They also help bosses be better leaders and teach people how to treat customers well. They also help people make deals that make everyone happy.

They don't just teach you once and then stop. They keep helping you learn and get better. This is because you get better at something when you keep doing it and learning about it.

Sandler Training is all over the world and helps many kinds of businesses.

Wow! The tool’s initial description of what we do was on-target… and the two progressive simplifications kept the core ideas intact. The next time you’re struggling with how to communicate a complex technical point to a prospect, you might want to fire up ChatGPT and give ELI5 a try.


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