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"There are four predictable steps that impact all major purchase decisions. Do you know what they are?"

Sandler CEO and President David Mattson details the modern buyer's journey in an article published originally on the Forbes website. Mattson, a Forbes Business Development Council member, explains the predictable steps buyers go through before deciding to purchase. He also shares the best ways for salespeople to interact with buyers as they move through the stages of the buyer journey. 

Savvy sales professionals, according to Mattson, never stop being curious about how the buyer's journey is unfolding for a given contact. "They continually look for the best ways to become part of that buyer's journey," he points out. 

According to Mattson, understanding our buyer's journey and customizing our messaging (both personal and organizational) to match each stage of that journey is critical for success. "The better we understand our buyer's journey," he writes, "the better we will be at identifying the step they've reached at any given point to deliver an effective sales process."

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